Ivory Rose Bundle - #RB010 - $5 - $35

Ivory Rose Bundle - #RB010

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Rose Bundles

These rose bundles are the perfect solution to any of your DIY centerpiece ideas.
Place your bundles in vases, cans, boxes, mason jars or any other ideas you have come up with for your reception.

Each bundles is tied together with green stems.
The stems are approx 6 inches long, however can
be easily trimmed to fit into your creation!
The bundles offered are available in 4 sizes as shown above

Petite Bundle
- $5.00 each
Contains 6 roses
Approx 4 inches across and 4 inches high

Small Bundle
- $10.00 each
Contains 12 roses
Approx 6 inches across and 4 inches high

Medium Bundle
- $20.00 each
Contains 18 roses
Approx 8 inches across and 5 inches high

Large Bundle
- $35.00 each
Contains 36 roses
Approx 11 inches across and 7 inches high

Pick the sizes that work best for your ideas!

Shipping prices are for your entire order - whether you just need 1 item or 500 items!

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Yes, our flowers are all artificial, they look great right! Artificial flowers have improved over the last few years, and look and feel more realistic than ever!

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